Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CSS Vs. Tables @ Decloak.com

reference: http://www.decloak.com/

Fully integrated CSS benefits are challenged on their practicality and real-life usefulness
fully integrated means replacing all table tags with div tags
a.k.a. CSS-P or css tables

The terms, CSS and CSS-P (or full css) are two (2) very
different things in this article. The term "CSS" is more of the regular CSS used for font styles and the like. The term, "CSS-P", is specifically referring to use of div tags to replace table tags. This article challenges CSS-P, not CSS.

Are they any benefits to using a fully CSS integrated solution (css tables or CSS-P)?
No. There is no "real-life" or practical benefits when you start to replace each-and-every-single table tag with DIV tags and attempt to use full CSS to display your webpages properly across popular browsers.

It's one thing to use the regular CSS style to replace the same fonts that will be used all over the place. But it's another when you take little bits and pieces of code out of the page and bury it some huge .css file and then try to figure out and try to remember where they all came from and what each piece of code did 2 months from now.. Read Complete Article

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