Thursday, December 17, 2009

Firefox SEO Toolbar Plug-ins - By Addme

Every AddMe newsletter is a must read, this issue is not exception; a 3 part series about SEO tools, resources and browser plug-ins. This article talks about some of the more popular Firefox SEO plug-ins.
Search engine optimization is a cost effective form of website promotion, often best outsourced to the professionals as they have access to the latest tools, resources and not to mention years of experience.

This newsletter opens up the world of SEO, and sheds some light on what the SEO companies use to help optimize your website.

One of the main tools used in the search optimization industry is the web browser, how else are you to analyze reports, view webpages and delve deep into search engine results.

Firefox is quickly becoming one of the most popular web browsers, slowly overtaking internet explorer which for me is a welcome change.

Last stats according to W3Schools browser stats Firefox 47.9%, Internet Explorer 39.4% other browsers such as Chrome, Opera and Safari make up the rest.

The article covers some popular SEO plug-in for Firefox, SOME! There was one that dropped off the review table, Toolbarbrowser Firefox SEO extension.

This plug-in is a handy addition to any Firefox browser, packed with features specifically catering to the search engine optimizer.

Links to some of the most valuable tools on the web such as, Competitive Intelligence and KeywordDiscovery.

Though packed with powerful features and links to some of the most popular sites on the net my favorite two features are:

SearchEngine View - click of a button and you will see what a search engines sees
Link to Wayback Machine - want to see what a page looked like 12 months ago, this is the tool for you.

Without question this plug-in is on many optimizers list, ad it to yours and download it today.

Enough from me- check this Firefox SEO plug yourself

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